Effie and Evelyn's Glass Pieces
It seems that this water pitcher is the last piece to identify....if you know who made it and/or what the pattern is, please email me at raeneubaum@aol.com
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Effie's pressed glass water pitcher

Inside of water pitcher

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Effie's pressed glass bowl

Bowl upside-down

I've just learned that this is the Heritage pattern made by the Federal Glass Company from 1940 to 1955. This is the 10 1/2" fruit bowl in crystal or clear glass.

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Effie's mixing bowl (okay, I know it's not glass) Details of mixing bowl


Effie's glass vase with etched tulips Details of vase

Description found on eBay: This vase was made by Cambridge. It is so much like the #184 Paden City vase that it's just uncanny. This is the #402 vase. It is 12" tall and in pink with the beautiful Tulip etching. The unusual aspect of this vase is that there is a border etch made up entirely of little tulips.

Evelyn's Paden City Nerva pressed glass double candleholders

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