Miscellaneous Frantz - Rhen - Neubaum Pictures

effie-frank-frantz-with-mame-millhime-neubaum-and-charles-neubaum-about-1928.jpg (27363 bytes) cleve-rhen-on-porch-of-his-house-in-alpha-nj-with-virginia-beside-him.jpg (56371 bytes)

Charles Neubaum with his mother Mary Amanda Neubaum (Mame) and Effie Frank Frantz about 1928 

Cleve Rhen on the porch of his house in Alpha NJ with daughter Virginia, about 1926

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Edith Bretz Frantz (wife of Russell Frantz) with her daughter Betty Frantz about 1927

Betty Frantz at her graduation from Nursing School

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Betty Frantz Murphy as a child (about 1929)

Lynn Murphy (Betty Frantz Murphy's daughter) and Rae Neubaum c. 1956

kay-and-evelyn.jpg (50124 bytes) rae-1955.jpg (11510 bytes)
Evelyn Frantz Neubaum making an Easter basket for her oldest daughter, Kay Evelyn's younger daughter Rae Neubaum - about 7 years old in 1955

 kayontricycle.jpg (35476 bytes)

 Bob, Evelyn, Mildred, Rae, Kay.jpg (716687 bytes)

 Kay Evelyn Neubaum on tricycle - about 4 years old in 1949

 Bob, Evelyn, Mildred, Rae and Kay in Biloxi

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Bob with great-grandson Jimmy Dunn


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