Janeen (NeeNee) on her 9th birthday ...

November 27, 2004

I looooooooove Santa now that I'm 9!

(Picture taken at Malec's by Bob Single... www.bobsingle.com)


The party at NeeNee's house....

chin-on-table.jpg (145853 bytes) 2-ready-for-a-cupcake.jpg (264106 bytes)

Oh yum.....PUPCAKES!

aunt-anita.jpg (255624 bytes) aunt-elaine-2.jpg (149449 bytes)
Aunt Anita gave me pizza! Aunt Elaine gave me TOMATOES! YUM!
aunt-elaine-me-and-mommy-at-9.jpg (121569 bytes) auntie-val.jpg (146159 bytes)
I'm 9 with Auntie Elaine & my Mom That's Auntie Val
auntie-anita-and-auntie-val-talking-to-me.jpg (83462 bytes) auntie-val-petting-me.jpg (66844 bytes)     THAT-feels-good.jpg (55609 bytes)
Yep, Auntie Anita is telling me something.... Auntie Val knows Just how to pet me....
my-ken-and-nancy-and-me.jpg (71296 bytes)
I'm 9 with Aunt Anita & Auntie Val, too That's my Ken & My Nancy and I'm washing my toes....

my-nancy-giving-me-a-pupcake.jpg (112685 bytes)

m my-aunt-anita-makes-me-smile.jpg (100202 bytes) 

Oh boy...THAT's how you should eat a pupcake!

Aunt Anita makes me smile!
wow-all-this-for-me.jpg (167384 bytes) mommy-wants-me-to-lick-it.jpg (86734 bytes)  oh-yummy-yummy.jpg (286216 bytes)
Wow...all this for ME? Yum...Yum...Yum....
maybe-a-little-sleepy.jpg (74950 bytes) maybe-just-a-little-snooze.jpg (127384 bytes)
I'm a little tired Parties wear me out sometimes
i-love-pillows.jpg (73430 bytes) im-not-sleepy.jpg (81360 bytes)

Maybe I'll take a little bitty nap

Just a little snooze.....

parties-tire-me-out.jpg (77291 bytes)

Oh boy, THAT feels good when you're 9....

Wowie.....a PUPCAKE!

Wowie.....a package for me!

The party's over....

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