Nieces and Nephews and Doggies, Oh My

November 12-13, 2004 Weekend in Yardley

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Jimmy & Megan & Jacob on Carla's lap...Bobby with Julia & Sarah...Cynthia holding Katie...Alice, Kelsey & Steve.

Jimmy, Carla, Megan, Jacob, Julia, Bobby, Sarah
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Cynthia & Katie Alice, Kelsey & Steve Jimmy with Chester (The Petster)
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Megan, Julia & Jacob playing in the kitchen Jacob relaxing on the new sofa Kelsey, Alice & Carla in the kitchen Jimmy & Megan (we shouldn't have warned them)
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Meanwhile, at home in Central PA...
StardomTakesItsToll2.jpg (95744 bytes) Will-Mommy-ever-come-home-11-13-04-NN-at-N-and-Ks.jpg (209326 bytes)
Sleepy, sleepy Jezzie after her late night with the moving men NeeNee Beanie almost asleep watching out the window on her vacation

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