NeeNee with her Christmas pillow 2009

NeeNee's 11th birthday party ... November 26, 2006

NeeNee at Christmas 2005

Janeen (AKA NeeNee) on her 9th birthday ... November 27, 2004

Nieces and Nephews and Doggies, Oh My

The Princess or The Pig? You Decide

Nancy & Ken Kerly Wedding - Saturday, September 11, 2004

New Year's Eve 2003

NeeNee's 8th Birthday -- November 27, 2003

NeeNee Meets the Handsome Stranger

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Some recent pictures of NeeNee


Rae & Janeen (AKA NeeNee) on NeeNee's 7th birthday ... November 27, 2002


More NeeNee Pix

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Little Orphan NeeNee

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Will Dinner Never Get Here?

Oh, is it ready?

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Uh-oh....what's happening? Ken's got me!

Don't make me miss dinner, please!

NeeNee in the Snow March 5, 2003

Are you ready to chase me?

Following the Scent

Tracking Poodle

Stalking the Wild Glider

Can You Find the Poodle Bunny?

Such a Pretty Face

It's been a hard day

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